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Different Gardening Methods Clearly Explained

Gardening is a soulful activity that can help reduce stress and anxiety. You get a sense of control and have plants to look after that blossom with the right caregiving; the gardener gets immense pleasure. It is a great initiative if you plan to create a garden at home, but you can get confused. Thus, here are different gardening methods clearly explained to help you choose the one your like and start your journey. Have a look.

Container Gardening

This gardening method is the best way to start for beginners because you don’t need a special place to grow plants. You can start by sowing seeds in a planter or container that can accommodate soil, fertiliser and moisture. Get a grown plant in a container from a nursery or gardening company like Healthy Buddha Gardens or others and care for it to make things easier.

Inground Traditional Gardening

When it comes to sowing seeds and nurturing plants/crops, most people envision a small patch of land and gardening. It is a great way to start if you have a yard with good soil and time to garden every day. You can grow anything in your garden if you are consistent and routinely take care of the soil and water plants.

Vertical or Wall Gardening

Don’t have space for inground or container gardening; you can still have plants to care for by getting a vertical planter that you can hand on any wall in your house. This type of gardening is ideal for the city dweller with apartments and units. You can purchase a complete gardening set-up and nurture it daily to have good indoor air quality.

Hanging Gardening

Often people find it challenging to the garden because their homes don’t have space on the ground. However, you can garden in the air if you have space to hang planters. Hanging gardening is a fruitful method for growing not only flowers but crops like tomatoes, spinach, herbs and other shallow-rooted plants. The aim is to garden even if you don’t have much time or space.

Window Box Gardening

Another way to maximise space while gardening is to get window boxes that you can line on the outside windows to have plants. These boxes can be affixed to windows on any level and need regular water and sunlight. You can plant flowers, fruits or vegetables in the boxes and reap the benefit of gardening without hassle.

Edible Gardening

Most people gravitate towards starting with planting flowers or plants that purify the air. While it is a good way to start, it is not the only one. You can have an edible garden with easy-to-grow crops like blueberries, asparagus, spinach, bell peppers, or dwarf fruit trees.

The Bottom Line

Gardening is fun and exciting once you pay attention to plants, find a suitable way to take care of them and remain consistent. Thus, if you want to become a gardener, start using any of the above methods.

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