Services We Offer

At Buddha Garden Solutions, we offer all kinds of garden and plants related service to our customers. It is basically a one-stop solution for people who want to have a beautiful garden. The following are the main services that we offer.

  • Mowing & Trimming

    Do you want to mow your lawns and trim the hedge to make your garden look attractive but do not have enough time, equipment or expertise? Then contact Buddha Garden Solutions to get the job done. We offer excellent mowing & trimming that can elevate the appearance of the garden. Whether you are a tenant who wants to clean the garden before move out or the owner, who want to maintain the garden, contact us today!

  • Plants and Bonsai

    We offer all kinds of plants and bonsai to our clients. Whether you are looking for low maintenance plants for indoor, low light plants, office plants, air purifier, or flower plants, you will get everything at Buddha Garden Solutions. Also, many people want to have Bonsai at their home, office, other places, but it is difficult to grow them. So, you can directly order your bonsai from use, and it will be delivered to your place.

  • Organic Pest & Disease Management

    Pest and diseases in plants is a common problem that most of the garden owners face. If you fail to treat it properly, the problem can completely destroy the plants and, ultimately, your entire garden. Many people opt for harmful chemicals to solve the problem, but it cause pollution. We follow organic pest & disease management that remove the bug and similar issue without using chemicals. So, if you want to keep the plants in your garden and home healthy, contact us.

  • Garden Makeovers

    We design and create beautiful themed gardens for our customers. If you want to modernise your average looking old garden, our experienced and skilled professionals have the ability to do that. Not only that, we offer different designs, materials, plants, etc. as per your requirement and budget. Our designed gardens are highly appreciated by our clients for their exceptional look and best price. So, if you want to give your garden a fresh look, call our experts.

  • Consultation

    Buddha Garden Solutions is also a well-known name in entire Sydney and other parts of New South Wales because we also offer consultation. Whether you need guidance about the right plants for your garden, for your home or office, you can get quality consultation from us. We can also give you advice on the right fertiliser to use, the medicines for plants and how to improve soil quality. We are always there to help you.

  • Workshops & Education

    We offer different workshops and educational seminars for people who have an interest in growing different types of plants, organic gardening, maintaining the garden and so on. We organise these workshops for different age groups. In these workshops and educational seminars, our experts share their knowledge with people so they can learn something new and use the knowledge to improve their garden. To know more, visit our workshop page.

Gardening Tools

If you want to maintain your garden, then you need to use the right garden tools. At Buddha Garden Solutions, we offer all types and premium quality tools for our customers. Whether you need a hand trowel, garden hand fork, shovel, spade, rake, watering can, garden hose or anything else, you will find everything here and at the best price. For more information about the tools, you can contact our customer support and talk to them. We can deliver the tools right to your doorstep.

Gardening Tools

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